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A family band of two mothers and daughters from Okinawa

Playing multinational music that mixes rock, house, and metal with Ryukyu music


SHOKO, MIZUNO, AYANE, COCONA in a family band of two mothers and daughters from Okinawa

We are working to convey "eco to the world, peace to the hearts of the people, and the wisdom of the Ryukyu people in our lives."


In addition to performing in Tokyo in 2017, he also started performing overseas.

He is also active in live performances in Taiwan and New York.


USA Tour from 2018 (North Carolina, New Jersey, Iowa,

(New York Manhattan) was performed and was widely covered in various media.


In 2019, he will perform live at the long-established live house pianos in New York.

It has been highly evaluated by the organizers.

[Comment from leader SHOKO]



Nice to meet everyone! YUI-GIRL

YUI-GIRL is a group of four people formed by two groups, a mother and daughter born in Okinawa.


YUI-GIRL's "Yui" means "tie",

Okinawan culture! Man! And the edge! I named it Yuiga because I wanted to connect them.


I wish the world could become one someday! I also have the ambition! !!


Through this activity, our family also experienced toward the same goal,

Caring, working, and uniting with each other differently than before! Is very strong.

I have been growing tremendously.


And age doesn't matter to start something

I also want a lot of people to feel that.

With us of such young people and everyone

something! If they are tied and connected

I'm really happy.


We will deliver a fun and energetic live performance so that you can smile more!


Thank you.

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